The occasion challenges us to be more entrepreneurial, more visionary, to look for new ways to grow businesses, to analyze other markets. That is why at Puente Negocios we want to tell you what we have seen in Chinese culture in recent months and leave you here some ideas on how to innovate, if you want more information or want us to help you take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship in the Post era -Covid 19 world, do not hesitate to find us, we will be excellent allies:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital. This is how the Chinese understood it, who have not stopped and are gradually reopening the country. And as the rest of the world prepares to do the same, companies are sharing their experiences to support other regions. An example of this is the increase in the “Home Office”, where more and more space is used in cloud services. A greater number of people are also observed returning to work with the two-meter separation model to prevent the spread of the virus, so that in order for the virus not to spread, employees must walk in one direction, clockwise. clock, hoping to return to a healthy environment. You start looking at easy-to-recognize cameras or pulling a QR code on your phone instead of swiping the entry pass to access the workplace. Companies are also expected to invest more in office air filtration systems to reduce pollutants.

Regarding habits, we will increasingly observe a greater acceleration of online purchases. An example of this was Nike, which boosted its sales by acting quickly to accelerate its online business, growing at least 30% in its digital sales in China. This was also possible thanks to the accompaniment made by the brand of a fitness platform, where online exercise classes were offered. So, we will see that it will be usual, as time passes, to adopt digital training programs.

Another example can be seen in the North American company Weee !, which was founded by Larry Liu, a Chinese who moved to the United States and who, due to the lack of Chinese ingredients available in local supermarkets, created an online marketplace that sells Asian products. , snacks and skin care products. This startup, like other grocery e-commerce players, has seen exponential growth since the coronavirus outbreak, as millions are engaged in cooking and eating at home.

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Other trends that have already been exploited in China and will gradually be seen more frequently in our society are online entertainment such as concerts and movies. The demand for online games and Internet streaming has increased by more than 500%. The growth of online education, with an educational application download rate that increased by almost 300% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the last quarter of 2019. The advancement of distance healthcare, with more doctors offering their services remotely. Using online food services safely and cheaply utilizing bicycles, as well as self-service food cabinets, where the customer orders food via mobile apps, the food is placed in a cabinet, and then the customer collects without interacting with other humans.

When talking about all these changes, I don’t want to fail to mention my passion, the Fintech topic. Many of the leading global financial technology companies, such as Ant Financial, JD Finance, and Baidu, operate in China. These companies are not only driving significant and systematic change, but they are also forcing many of China’s leading banks to partner with technology companies or invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the demand curve. This includes being one of the first to adopt a strong network of contactless mobile payment technologies and 5G technology. However, while these three companies drive innovation, it all starts with Chinese consumers and their demand for a revolution in payments. Companies like UnionPay and Alipay top the list by volume in the global payments landscape, outperforming classics like Visa and MasterCard. Both the lack of a physical infrastructure and a flexible regulatory environment have enabled China to create a payment ecosystem that supports a consumer-driven economy, paving the way for the future of financial technology and the growth of finance. It is evident that, in all countries, banks and financial services are considering fintech as a service to compete with new market participants while continuing to drive digital transformation from the core with a more comprehensive strategy”.

Hope that after reading this article you have thought about how it is possible to grow and innovate, if you want to receive details on any of these issues, need a partners or suppliers in a country that already emerge stronger from this crisis, such as China, don’t hesitate. Come to us, we can surely offer you a service to turn your dream of launching your business a reality.