Our specialty is business consulting between Mexico and China, we offer you everything you need to expand and internationalize your company. We show you the business opportunities and the potential of each of them to make the best decisions.

The challenges and difficulties in current commercial situation and cultural activities between China and Mexico

The problems that develop in investment
situation and business encounters

Language barrier, causes inefficiency of communication and lack of confidence.

Unknown or unfamiliar business regulations and cultural differences, causes misunderstandings and misconduct.

Not prepared for the impact of market scale and capacity, so that opportunities are missed.

Lack of knowledge of different financial and government systems, causes hesitation and slow down business operation.

Deficient of follow-up after initial business contact, so that there is not result.

Mexico and China have more than 40 years of commercial relation
In 2018, commercial trading between these two countries was near 83.6 billion dollars
China is the third exportation destination for Mexico
China becomes the second important commercial partner after United States
Mexico become the most popular Latin-American tourist destination for Chinese
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Our Company is dedicated to:

We offer consulting services to companies, corporations,  business, individuals, cultural organizations and charities for both economical and cultural purpose between China and Mexico .

With the great knowledge and excellent social network, we can search for essential information for you to make proper business decision and strategy , we can facilitate different needs in every stage of your business development in Mexico and China, such as finding the best suppliers, legal and financial advice, logistical services, expo management and follow up,  customized business travel and cultural experiences, etc.

Puente Negocios is dedicated to promote economic and social prosperity of Mexico and China through our professional and passionate work.

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