What is Puente Negocios?

Business Consulting Mexico China

About us? And why are we your best option in Mexico China Business Consulting?
Here you can check our experience and professionalism.


Li Guo Camiro

Founder, commercial area & strategy

I have 23 years working in the hotel and tourism industry, and 15 years of international work experience.
I have a Master in Leisure and Tourism Administration from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and I finished my university degree in Food Science and Engineering from the University of Jinan, China. In addition, I have professional training for airline marketing and on-board service, Translation and Interpretation Certification and experience in coordinating art exhibition and international purchase events. 

Sofía Gamboa

Founder, finance, strategy & administration

14 years of experience in Finance and Strategic Planning.
I studied a Degree in International Relations from the ITESM Campus Monterrey, I have an MBA from EGADE Business School, Diploma in Executive Improvement in Analysis and Financial Planning from ITESM Campus Santa Fe, Certification in Fintech and Commerce of the Future by MIT. I made a specialty in Innovation and International Competitiveness at Fudan University in China and at Franklin College in Switzerland a Diploma in International Finance and European Banking (2003). I have a Chicago Booth certificate about new business creation and a leadership specialty by HEC.

The Team

Li is an exemplary colleague who, with her great international experience, discipline, her sense of innovation and business creation lends an extraordinary vision to the company. Its competitiveness reminds me why I once commented that people in China do not seek to work in companies like Google, but to create such companies. With the integrity and determination that characterize us both, we have committed to invest our efforts in making this company the best in its field, solving the silos that exist between Chinese and Mexican culture.

– Sofia Gamboa

Sofia’s rich academic achievements and talent are essential to the development of our company. Her financial and administrative work experience ensures that the company’s operation is smooth and on track. I greatly appreciate her input with our marketing development and strategic planning. Working with her gives me more understanding and more access to the Mexican market and society. She is smart and hardworking, an invaluable companion.

– Li Guo Camiro

Business Consulting Mexico China


Provide services, connections and links with our best capacity and
professionalism to promote industrial and cultural interaction.


With our knowledge and connection to facilitate cooperation and
development between China and Mexico. Our goal is to help the
industrial and cultural growth between those two countries. 

Our goal is to help and promote the growth of the percentage
of commercial and cultural exchange between both cultures.

To be the number 1 company in the market!

Company Value


We highly appreciate our clients who chose our service and trust our capacity to help them reach to their potential. Therefore we promise to deliver:

Reliable service with highest quality,  highly efficient work & high standard of professional work performance.


Is our principle and our outstanding character, carry it out in our daily work and with every client, by: 

Respect in our conduct with clients.

Confidentiality with all the information related to clients and Project.

Positivism in our work, eliminating the “not possible”.

Create Value for Clients

We will seek that every client that hires us gets satisfied with our work and philosophy where:

The customer will always come first.

Team Work

During the hiring process, the Puente Negocios team and the clients should see each other as one team, seeking harmony and good results.

Social Impact & Diversity

It is understood as equal to any person who has a relationship with the company, regardless of nationality, religion, sexuality, physical disability, political tendency, sexual preference. Those involved with the company should have as a mantra “support for international economic growth in a peaceful way as well as social inclusion”.

Why Puente Negocios?

The advantages of Puente Negocios

Puente Negocios Consulting Mexico China

  • Founders are native Chinese/ Mexican, have deep connections with their culture and society, meanwhile have extensive experiences at each other culture.
  • With strong professional experiences in public and private sectors, both in China and Mexico.
  • Well-educated and high academic qualification give us great ability to analysis complicated market and catch valuable opportunities.
  • Flexible but efficient atmosphere to insure the total support from the beginning to the end of every project.