Our specialty is business consulting between Mexico and China, we offer everything you need to expand and internationalize your company.

We show the business opportunities and the potential of each of them so that you can make the best decisions.

Importación Exportación China México

The challenges and difficulties of the current situation

Examples of problems that we solve to businessman, entrepreneurs and investors

Language barrier.

Lack of knowledge of business rules and etiquette between cultures.

Clear awareness of the size of the market.

Different systems of finance and government.

Lack of support in Follow-Ups (Follow-ups).

Mexico and China have more than 40 years of commercial relations.
In 2018, commercial trading between these two countries was near 83.6 billion dollars.
China is the third exportation destination for Mexico.
CHINA is the second commercial partner of Mexico after the U.S.A.
Mexico is the main destination in Latin America for Chinese tourists.
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Our Company is dedicate to:

We offer business and culture consulting services to companies, corporations, businessmen, entrepreneurs, cultural organizations and charities.

We have great knowledge and a well-connected social network in both nations, we can look for essential information so that those interested in our services make the right business decision and strategy.

We can facilitate different needs at each stage of your business development both in Mexico and in China, such as finding the best suppliers, legal and financial consulting, logistics services, exhibition management and monitoring, personalized business trips and cultural experiences.

With the passion and professionalism towards this relationship, Puente Negocios is dedicated in promoting economic and social prosperity of Mexico and China.

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