The world continues, despite the great impact the economy has had worldwide due to COVID-19, international trade will continue. Supply chains will continue to cross multiple countries. And amid all this, the world population will continue to grow, and cities that are already densely populated will become even denser. We live in an irrevocably globalized world.

This time we are presented with an extraordinary opportunity to review production lines, trade agreements and the decision of which countries it is in our best interest to strengthen relations with. Additionally, the enigma that China has always generated for me, coupled with the fact that this country represents a market of more than 1,400 million people and that it is getting closer to being the world’s leading power, and that it is the second largest importer in the world. Who would not want to strengthen their relationship with them? But how to do it? How to achieve this goal? What to export to China and who can help me achieve this goal?

To be able to establish relationships with this culture that is so different, but at the same time so similar and to understand its needs and analyze niche markets with the opportunity to export, we recommend you never do it alone. Always be accompanied by an ally, who will help you, among other things, in the translation of the language, understanding of its legislation, business feasibility analysis, and public relations with government administrations, as well as academic and business entities in that country. This is why hiring us could help you greatly to simplify time and resources, greatly facilitating research and operational work efforts, which could be extremely frustrating, and if you do not know how to land properly or do not have the precise know-how, even they can translate into a nightmare or even a failure.

Analyzing the sectors that will have the highest growth in a Post-Covid world, we find that one of them is agriculture, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Areas that due to the geographical location of Mexico we have a competitive advantage over many other countries.

While Chinese culture seeks to eat healthy and requires more vegetables and fruits in its diet, Mexico is rich in harvesting high-quality fruits and vegetables, but consumes little, with a real decrease between what is produced versus what is consumed. In Mexico, most Mexicans do not buy the products that the Mexican countryside generates. So, this decrease could be eliminated if we export more agricultural products to the Asian continent.

Thus, Mexico could greatly benefit from the export to China of products such as avocado, beans, tomatoes, prickly pear, green beans, jicama, chayote, huitlacoche, agave, and pumpkin flowers, among others. So, if you are a producer or are close to agricultural production chains of this nature, we will always recommend you look for us to discuss this potential and, with great precision, I could also say exponential, business idea.