Mexico, we are so far away, but we are so close too

First time I heard about Mexico, it was about its football team who played surprisingly well in World Cup, meanwhile Chinese team couldn’t even qualified for the game. First time I knew a Mexican person was 14 years ago when I met my husband in Amsterdam and struggled with his name-“Diego”. First time I visited Mexico City, it was for Diego’s mother’ s 70-Year birthday. I was amazed by all those bright colorful houses, many parks and trees in such a big city, and how much European-looking it is. Since then, I have many chances to visit Mexico, I am attracted by its natural beauty, its rich cuisine and colorful super diverse culture. Eventually, here I am, living in Mexico full time.

The more I learn about Mexico, the more I am stoned by how many similarities there are between Mexico and China:

We both have long history of civilization. It’s needless to mention China’s 5,000 years history of civilization which is outstanding in human history, but also is our great pride. Pre-Columbian Mexico dates to about 8,000 BC and it is one of six cradles of civilization. But since 16 century for Mexico, since 19 century for China, we both struggled with colonialism, foreign invasions, civil wars for the independence and freedom. We both reconstructed our countries from ashes for new and for better. We are so far away, but we are so similar!

Mexico, like China, has a society which highly values family, respects the elders and treasures knowledge. A lot of our social functions depend on the “network” of our connections. Of course, We both are a society quite “macho” too. Mexicans and Chinese are hard-working people who are trying to make good life for themselves and for their family. They both are full of wisdom and creativity. Our people are warm-hearted and friendly. Being polite and showing respect to others are the basic social manners. We are so far away, but we are so similar!

Mexican Cuisine, as an example of the intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, along with the world famous Chinese cuisine, are winning millions people’s hearts by their irresistible aroma and mouthful delicious flavor, by their endless variety and creativity, by their artistic elaboration and symbolic links with festivals and culture. We are so far away, but we are so similar!

However, even we are so similar, but we are far away. So, the great distance creates the distinct characters of our two countries. That is why I am so fascinated by Mexico; a place being kissed by God!

Mexico has endless gorgeous coast of Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Mexico. From famous “spring break vacation heaven” -Cancún, to “fishing paradise”- Cabo. Tourists from all over the world, all year around come to Mexico to enjoy the blue water and white sands. Mexico has mountains which produce the best coffee, all kinds of fruit, those rare minerals, woods, etc. This land combines dry and wet, temperate and tropical, high and lowlands, forest and deserts. This land produces corn and beans, which are the most antique crops in human history. This is a land full of life. This land is home of 10%-20%of world biodiversity, highly ranked for his ecosystem and overall species. This is a magic land on earth.

Unlike Chinese people’s reserved character, Mexican people shows their passion of life by ebullient dancing and singing, by their colorful and bright costumes, by mariachi’s emotional sings. Mexican people live for love, the love for their family and friends, the love for their culture, and the love for their country. They cheer life to honor the memory of death, “Día de Muertos” is tradition inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. They worship nature, rather slow progress of modernization than destroy their land. In Mexico, 170,000 square kilometers are considered “Protected Natural Areas”.

Mexico is an society like melting pot of all races, not only biologically but culturally as well. This society opens its arms and hearts to all who wants to come, to know, to live in Mexico. You can find people from all over the world, communities with all different believes and lifestyles. I am one of them, a Chinese, happily living among Mexicans and enjoying all this beautiful country and people are offering generously.

Mexico, you are not far, you are right here, close to my heart, to many people’s hearts.