The Italian writer Alessandro Baricco said in relation to the Coronavirus that “as we don’t know about technology, we often speak about it bad, but this is what has allowed us in these moments to save lives and be a united community.” We can corroborate this in countries that have taken steps forward from this humanitarian crisis, such as China and South Korea, which have gradually emerged from this dramatic chapter based on the good use of information, technology and transparency.

No other outbreak in history has been traced and investigated in such detail and almost in real time. Technology and research have become the right hand of the virus crisis, both to combat the spread and to try to find the vaccine or the cure.

State-of-the-art technology has allowed authorities and the population to collaborate to reduce the spread of the virus. The location of infected individuals provided by the Government is collected in mobile applications and web pages. Drive-in centers, performed without leaving the car, ease the burden on hospitals and minimize the risk of contagion for healthcare workers.

Some instruments also used are drones that told people about the risks of being on the street; the use of disinfecting robots; drones with thermal cameras; smart helmets; easy recognition software to combat Covid-19; food delivery robots to isolated people in quarantine, avoiding contagion with other people.

China is the world’s largest producer of electronic devices and thousands of products of all kinds are manufactured in its plants and for all the big tech companies, it stands to reason that at the time these big companies have trembled, however, as time goes these corporations will be making up for losses. Some big tech companies like Yangtze Memory Technologies, a state-backed manufacturer of flash memory chips; TCL Corp, manufacturers of screens and televisions; BOE Technology Group Co Ltd, a Chinese display manufacturer, did not stop production due to high demand in these though times.

Many other companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector have evolved from the outbreak in that country, doubling their value, including Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co, which specializes in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of biotech drugs and supplements. Other companies are Autobio Diagnostics, focused mainly on the development, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic products; Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, a company that manufactures tests for medical diagnoses; Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies, dedicated to developing and selling detection kits for influenza and other diseases, have made significant progress on their capitalization.

Every technology, with the potential to help in this crisis, is beginning to contribute in ways never seen before. Therefore, technology and research have become the right hand of the crisis, both to combat expansion and to try to find a cure. So, I recommend that if we want to get out of this crisis soon, we must use technology. If we do not have it at home, there is always a way to import it from other countries. Let’s see as an option what kind of technologies we can afford and have the ability to import from China to our country with the purpose to leave this sad chapter as soon as we can.