“Now it is a new Long March and we must start again”
Xi Jinping


I have always been a lover of cultures based on discipline and innovation. Of the people who are looking for competitiveness, who go one step ahead in technology and who become obsessed with the future. Regions where they appreciate meritocracy over the lineage. People who do not forget favors and overlap it with money. Civilizations where they share the food on the table, and where family and friends come first.

That is China, a country that in 1978 was poor and self-centered, and which in just a quarter of a century became the second world economy. Fascinating town for those who inhabit it and those who live with it and its rich history.

I fell in love with this country when I studied there. I fell in love with walking through the Chinese wall and getting into places to try different dishes in Beijing; to spend a rainy afternoon in a tea house in the French quarter of Shanghai and discuss books on economic growth at Fudan University; to know the industrial parks and clusters in Guangzhou; boat ride in the Venice of the East, Suzhóu; of the majesty of the financial center of Hong Kong and the per capita purchasing power of its population. But I fell more in love with the determination with which each citizen tries to make their country a better place and its value for lowering corruption, as well as the cult of learning.

The repetitive words found in the mission of the best universities in the country reflect the spirit of their culture, with values ​​such as sincerity, search for truth, innovation, integrity, loyalty, rigor, determination. Fudan University, the school I attended and one of the best in the country mentions in its mission: “Rich in knowledge and tenacious with the purposes, inquiring with sincerity and reflecting on practice.” This is how this Asian giant, with this idiosyncrasy has been constantly growing.

Xi, while fighting corruption, constantly looks to the future. It pursues economic growth through education and innovation based on an industrial policy and infrastructure growth program. Pioneer of artificial intelligence supported in this field by its political system. One of the most advanced in fintech, occupying the sixth place as a cashless country. Pushing a splendid infrastructure, in 2018 alone, 653 km of new subway networks and 94 km of new light trains were built, equivalent to twice the length of the New York subway.

Young people in this country no longer dream of a job at Google, but to find the next Google. One of the keys of the transformation is in the social progress of the country.


 POR @GamboaSofia