Get the most out of participation of international Expo

For small and medium size business, many people knows that participation of international Expo is the best and most direct way to promote their business
into foreign market, to meet potential clients and to find business partner. But it is not cheap to go to international Expo. So how can companies and
factories get the most out of an Expo? I am going to
discuss it from two points: as exhibitor and what local visitors/buys expect.

As exhibitors:

Find the most popular, well-organized and suitable Expo for your products.

There are many Expo agents to offer information, but the best way to find out is to ask a local business’ opinion or their experience.

Hire interpreters of local language and give them proper training of your company and products.

It is important to be able to communicate well with potential clients and business partners. No body has extra time to figure out what you are trying to say. The communication has to be direct and effective, so your catch their interests and set up meeting time or invite them to the meeting site for further discuss. Insist to have visitors’ contact information, for further marketing promotion.

Prepare your market materials in local language or at least in English.

Put them in one bag with samples ( if you have), show the content and explain what kind of information are in there before you hand it out to visitors. Present  nternational certificates of your products in photo. Have your company website in English or more other languages.

Ask for your local business agent to arrange meeting with potential clients or partners during Expo, better at Expo site or at your hotel, or to arrange business visits with local industrial associations. So that you have more direct contacts and more targeted audiences.

After Expo, organize visitors’ information that you have collected, and send emails to ask feedback of your products and your company, please attach your products e-catalog and your company website link. The best is to have a local business agent to handle those potential clients or partners who response to your email, like arrange a meeting, directly discuss their concerns or expectations from your company. It is more personal, and has better chance to develop business relations.

Choose your business partner carefully. You need a local business agent to check the background and credentials. Sometimes, the location also is very important for certain products and your company’s image.

From what visitors/ buys expect:

Information of products and company is clear and understandable. Staff of the exhibitors are professional and attentive. Communication is easy and direct. Marketing materials are available and well explained.

The local exclusive distributor or distributor need to be at Expo if your company already have been settled in that territory. It will give clients confidents about after-sales service. Otherwise, they will doubt how efficient the communication and support between your company and the local distributors. They won’t want to deal with company with internal problems.

Potential clients and buyers mostly do not want to deal with shipping and custom declaration. If you can offer door to door delivery method, your products will be very attractive. Even if you can´t, please do some research and talk with shipping companies and custom declaration agents, cooperate with them, so you can present a list of those agents and companies for your potential clients to choose to work with. Psychologically, it will make clients feel helped so that they are willing to look at possibilities of purchase.

They will be happy to receive your follow up email and contact. Or if they send you email to ask some specific questions or information, they expect a quick and direct answer. It is always better if there is someone they can talk to. So please contact them to ask for a meeting either physically or by phone.

Certainly, it is impossible to have local business partner in each country that you are interested to enter their market. But you always can find a local business agent-like us.

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