I usually find people talking about their desire to start a business, but they don’t know what to do. They want to look for a new product and / or service, but they keep trying. They become paralyzed from the natural fear caused by new things by adding a sense of risk, and their desire is truncated.

So, I want to divide this article into two types of practical advice. Firstly, I will comment on basic actions to take the next step and on the other side I will comment on where to go to find “your opportunity”.

Seeks to start a business, carrying out the following actions:

  1. 1. Stop talking, start doing.
  2. Stop building, start testing.
  3. Stop looking for financing, start giving value.
  4. Stop selling, start sharing.
  5. Stop being busy, start being productive.

Now, knowing that China is today a reflector of innovation and the most dynamic region in the world. We are sure that there you will find business opportunities to take the next step and jump into the world of entrepreneurship. We advise you to visit the following places:

  1. The Canton Fair:

It is one of the largest and most visited trade fairs in China. It is held twice a year in Guangzhou.

Here you can find any type of products on display, including electronic items, textiles, food, medical devices, furniture, auto parts, consumer goods, among others. The fair starts in mid-April until the beginning of May, and from mid-October to the beginning of November.

  1. China Hi-Tech Fair

It is “the main technological exhibition of China.” It is held in Shenzhen (Guangdong), a city that owns most of China’s electronic products manufacturing. This is done in the month of November.

The key products in this fair are electronics, aerospace, energy and Information Technology.

  1. Yiwu International Small Goods Fair (Yiwu Fair)

It focuses on consumer products, such as toys, furniture, electronics, jewelry, accessories, clothing and more.

Yiwu is the manufacturing center in Zhejiang Province, where are the mainly producers of cheap goods for the mass market around the world. It is said that 60% of all Christmas decorations and billions of socks are produced here annually.

  1. SIAL China

It is the third largest food fair in the world and the largest in Asia. If you plan to import or export food and beverages in China, you must know this fair.

An advantage of visiting SIAL is the opportunity to meet Chinese distributors, foreign brands, establish contacts and meet the latest trends in the Chinese market.

Its frequency is annual, taking place in May. Based in Shanghai.

  1. bauma China

It is the main trade fair in China and Asia of the construction industry and related machinery and materials. Among the products exhibited are construction machinery, machines for making materials, mining machines, construction vehicles and suppliers of components and services.

It takes place in Shanghai every two years and is Asia’s leading platform for industry experts.

  1. East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF)

It focuses on light industrial products, fashion and clothing, home textiles, consumer goods, gifts and decoration.

Its frequency is annual, dated March. Based in Shanghai.

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